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Last week was MEDIA WEEK for me, apparently, with appearances on CNBC (talking about the Apple Homepod), the Slate Money podcast (talking about crypto, mostly), MSNBC (talking about Russian bots n’ trolls) and PBS (more bots n’ trolls).

I also wrote some articles about tech:

🤖 Why the aforementioned bots n’ trolls pounced on the Parkland shooting. 🤖

🚲 The bike share wars are getting wild. 🚲

🗺️ Everyone hates Silicon Valley, except for all the other Silicon places. Talking to you Silicon Slopes, Silicon Prairie, Silicon Beach, Silicon Peach, Silicon Bayou, Silicon Shire, Silicon Desert, Silicon Holler, Silicon Hill and, separately, Silicon Hills. 🗺️

🦄 The startup unicorns are 50% overvalued. 🦄

🙄 Facebook earnings take. 🙄

✊ What has tech done to fix its harassment problem? ✊

And a some articles about The Crypto:

⛓️ A true Business Hero™ created a browser plug-in that adds “on the blockchain” to the end of every sentence. ⛓️

⛓️ I made a pilgrimage to see Bitcoin thought leader, crypto genius, and Business Hero™ James Altucher. ⛓️

⛓️ I wrote a guide on how to be a Bitcoin thought leader. ⛓️

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~moving on~

Important Business Matters

Startup everyone’s into: Shoes for your shoes.

Startup everyone’s over: Singularity University is now an overpriced executive seminar company. Also, Facebook.

Reason to go on living: James Damore’s firing was ruled as legal.

Reason to kill yourself now: Facebook wasn’t listening to your conversations before, but it will be soon!

Latest crush: The kids in Parkland are courageous AF.

Latest heartbreak: Porn is the new sex-ed. So as you can imagine, it’s going great.

Latest thing the kids are into: Telegram’s gigantic ICOMG (get it? ICO + OMG? does it work please say it works). Also, leaving Facebook.

Latest thing the olds are into: ALL THE PROTEIN. ALL THE BLOCKCHAIN.

lol nothing matters

Anyone who has spent any amount of time around crypto-enthusiasts know it’s a religion, a sensibility and a lifestyle. Its principles — decentralization, anti-institution, anti-regulation, power to the people, etc. etc. — cannot be questioned. That zealotry led to a lot of celebratory cryptofreude from crypto-haters after last months’ selloff. But, friends, this stuff is not going anywhere, and unfortunately, neither are the entitled, lambo-obsessed bitcoin bro-children the movement has spawned. For example, I’m pretty sure this guy is a bitcoin millionaire:

Him too:

These cool dudes probably are:
This guy’s at least a bitcoin thousandaire:

Same for these jokers:

So the lesson is, maybe (?), get in there, buddies! On the off-chance this stuff winds up being a big deal, let’s not let the bros be in charge of yet another Important Thing.

current status, expressed by stock photography:

”no YOU’RE the troll”

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