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(Suggested listening for this edition of EGTttHoB: A symphony of “Senator”s. )

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Hello from illuminati summer camp! According to the TED conference organizers, “The Age of Amazement” (the conference’s theme) means turmeric lattes, level 5 autonomy, organic kale vapor, and tubes that measure the levels of fear in the air.

Erin Griffith@eringriffith

Overheard at TED:

You know what the solution to fake news is right? <doesn’t wait for answer> Blockchain.

April 11, 2018
As a journalist and human millennial in the year 2018, is my instinct to be cynical about the event’s preciousness and extreme techno-solutionism. But the optimistic, inspirational earnestness of TED is very infectious. I fear if I stay here one more day I may get a tattoo of my superpower (which I learned in a workshop), then start defending Burning Man with my performance poetry (another workshop skill). Then I remembered that cynicism does not make me a “hater,” as some fellow TED attendees would like me to believe. Cynics, after all, are just disappointed idealists.

Some dispatches of Amazement:

👻 An author and historian appeared in hologram form and blamed Silicon Valley for creating tools for fascists, among other things. 👻

🚀 SpaceX’s President is thinking even bigger than Elon Musk. 🚀

~moving on~

Important Business Matters

Startup everyone’s into: Boundless Mind, the startup battling smartphone addiction.

Startup everyone’s over: StitchFix, the startup creating office twinsies.

Reason to kill yourself now: We never needed the second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth seasons of Jersey Shore, nor did we need Snooki & JWoww, The Pauly D Project, or Floribama Shore. Fame ruined the very particular magic of that first season:

Snooki will never again do another back handspring at the club out of natural exuberance—she will be doing it because she knows the viewing audience wants her to.

And yet we’re getting a revival, a whopping six years after the finale.

Reason to go on living: Remember the fact that in Japan, Jersey Shore was called Macaroni Rascals. 💛💛💛MACARONI RASCALS!! 💛💛💛

Latest crush: Renzo Piano.

Mark Storm@marksstorm

"Real beauty makes the invisible visible." — Renzo Piano #TED2018 HT @timleberecht

April 13, 2018
Latest heartbreak: Even the memes are ads, nothing is sacred.

Latest thing the kids are into: “Senator, we run ads.

Latest thing the olds are into: Putting a “Facebook address” on their business cards.

Latest thing the coastal elites are into: Making fun of Congress members for asking Business Hero™ Mark Zuckerberg dumb questions about technology. Here’s why that’s maybe a mistake…

lol nothing matters

How are Facebook’s 2.2 billion users and 5 million advertisers reacting to the company’s ongoing privacy scandal?

current status, expressed by stock photography:

“the age of amazement”

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